Overseas Licence Conversion

If you intend to reside in New South Wales, or if you’re a permanent Australian resident, or hold a permanent visa under the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958, you are not considered to be a visitor. In New South Wales, you can only drive on a current overseas licence for a maximum period of three (3) months. After this time, you will need to apply for a New South Wales licence to continue driving. If you do not hold permanent Australian residency, but will be in New South Wales for more than 3 months, you can apply for a Temporary Overseas Visitor licence. 

If you exceed a permanent stay of the maximum 3-month period, you must complete the Driver Knowledge Test in order to obtain a Learner Licence. If you have exceeded the maximum 3-month stay in New South Wales, you must produce your learn licence to your Learn Drive Survive driving instructor at the commencement of your driving lesson. As per the legislative requirements of New South Wales, at the time of booking a service with Learn Drive Survive Driving School, you agree to these terms.


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