Lesson (45 minute) & Use of Vehicle for Test (Book your own Service NSW booking)

Do you have a driving test coming up? Would you like to know the tips and techniques to pass your driving test first go? Would you like to know the driving test requirements and know exactly what the assessor is looking for? Are you worried about the test manoeuvres or how to reverse park in accordance with the driving test requirements?

So what will you learn? You'll not only learn skills for life but you will also learn exactly what the testing officer is looking for when they assess you. Our aim is to make every student who completes driving lessons with us, feel competent and confident when they sit their driving test. We want our students to complete the driving test knowing exactly what they need to do.

You will learn what to do and what not to do throughout the test. You’ll also learn about the basic driving habits that will help you pass and how to avoid the little things, the small errors, that can and will certainly add up and make you fail. We will also show you how to avoid the big mistakes that will make you fail immediately.

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