Skills & Qualifications

Nationally Accredited Driving Instructor
Former NSW Highway Patrol Officer

Highway Patrol Education & High Speed Certified
Former NSW Police Field Training Officer
Professional, Calm & Supportive


John is a highly experienced driving instructor and former NSW Police Officer of 30 years. John has completed an Advanced Driving Course with the NSW Police and has extensive legislative knowledge regarding traffic law and the Australian Road Rules. John is able to share and provide a safe professional environment for you to learn in. On his days off, John enjoys riding motorcycles, boating and four wheel driving.

John instructs in his own automatic vehicle but can also instruct in manual where the student has their own registered, roadworthy and fully insured vehicle. If using your own vehicle, students must complete at least one driving lesson with a Learn Drive Survive Driving Instructor and have 20-30 hours or more of supervised driving.

John instructs in a 2020 white Mazda 2 (auto)


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