Skills & Qualifications

Nationally Accredited Driving Instructor
Former NSW Highway Patrol Officer

Highway Patrol Education & High Speed Certified
Former NSW Police Field Training Officer
Professional, Calm & Supportive


John is a highly experienced driving instructor and former NSW Police Officer of 30 years. John has completed an Advanced Driving Course with the NSW Police and has extensive legislative knowledge regarding traffic law and the Australian Road Rules. John is able to share and provide a safe professional environment for you to learn in. On his days off, John enjoys riding motorcycles, boating and four wheel driving.

John instructs in his own automatic vehicle but can also instruct in manual where the student has their own registered, roadworthy and fully insured vehicle. If using your own vehicle, students must complete at least one driving lesson with a Learn Drive Survive Driving Instructor and have 20-30 hours or more of supervised driving.

John instructs in a 2020 white Mazda 2 (auto)


Reviews 5 Star Rating


I had 3 driving lessons (including one on the test day) with John. I desperately needed to pass because my license was going to expire 4 days after the booked test date. Before doing any driving lesson with John, I have been trying to attempt driving tests and failed for 3 times. I was even going to give up driving.
Finally, John with his big smile and lots of words of encouragement, he helped me to pass the test! He was very encouraging and praised me for every excellent tasks that I completed - which made me felt good and boosted my confidence! Unlike other driver instructors who's being too critical, he praised for every improvement that I made (even small ones!) and he didn't make a big fuss on the mistake I made, but instead guiding me on how to correct it. He even told me to believe in myself (I had very low self-confidence and this motivation really touches my heart and changes the way I look at myself!). He really helped to make me feel confident and relaxed with his friendly chats and funny jokes :) He also encouraged me to understand the importance of safe driving.
I really command John on his effort on helping me to get my license!
Also, I command Learn Drive Survive Driving School for helping me throughout the booking and answering my enquiries. Dee is always very quick in responding through my enquiries through the website and the website is so easy to navigate to make the lesson bookings!

Overall, I highly recommend Learn Drive Survive Driving School, not only to help you get your license but also to understand safe driving! :) Great work!


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