Bankstown Safer Drivers Course

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Safer Drivers Course

The Safer Drivers Course (SDC) in Bankstown is an awesome safer drivers course available to students with a minimum of 50 actual hours of driving. Learn Drive Survive is an accredited provider of the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course. The SDC was created to educate learner drivers under 25 years of age, safer driving habits, skills and techniques. Not only will learners learn driving skills for life, they'll also receive 20 log book hours!

Learners will explore the behaviours and effective management strategies to become safer drivers. Statistics show that novice drivers between the ages of 17 and 25 are most vulnerable in their first year of solo driving. Research shows that novice drivers are about three (3) times more likely to be involved in a serious injury or fatal crash than the average crash rate for all drivers. 

This awesome SDC in Bankstown, is designed to help prepare learner drivers to become safer drivers as they progress to their P’s. Completing a safe driving course will help learners understand the importance of driver behaviour and attitude. In this safe driving program, you will learn the techniques and strategies to help minimise unnecessary risk taking, distractions and influences that can affect a drivers capabilty.

Bankstown Safer Drivers Course is engaging and encourages learner drivers to contribute in group activities and discussions. The course only goes for five (5) hours in duration. The SDC involves a theory (Module 1) and a practical component (Module 2).

Module 1 helps learner drivers to identify and manage internal and external influences that can impact the skills and ability of novice drivers. Module 2 of the Bankstown SDC is a coaching session in a coaches vehicle. This session involves two learners and a driver trainer/coach. Each learner will implement strategies learnt in Module 1. This allows the learner to identify potential risks and actual risks in a real life driving environment. They will be taught techniques to help minimise unnecessary risks on the roads. 

To complete the SDC, you must meet the following requirements;

  • hold a valid learner licence
  • have a minimum of 50 actual driving hours (not the 3 for 1 bonus hours) and;
  • be under 25 years of age.


How Much Is The Bankstown Safer Drivers Course?

Course is $140 across the state no matter what provider you use. That equates to only $7.00 per log book hour! Please note that full payment must be made before attending module one of the SDC. If you are a concession card holder you may be eligible to complete the SDC for free. You must complete a concession course application and send it to Learn Drive Survive before attending module one of the SDC. Pensioner Concession card holders can click here to apply or for more information.

Safer Drivers Course Locations

The Safer Drivers Course can be completed at various locations across Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, The Hunter, Mid-North Coast and Northern Rivers.

To book your place in one of our Safer Drivers Course locations, click here or call one of our great team on 1800 898 969.

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