Skills & Qualifications

Nationally Accredited Driving Instructor
Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor
Great with Nervous or Anxious Drivers

Patient and Supportive
Calm and Professional
Friendly & Professional

Roz is a proud mother of three children, and three cocker-spaniel fur babies. Roz is a very kind-hearted person who loves to help people in times of need. She enjoys spending time with family, walking her dogs and most of all travelling when she can find time in her busy life. Roz takes great pride in her appearance and also loves a good laugh. Having worked in Aged Care for the last two years, Roz is a very patient person and she is great for anxious and timid learners.

Roz instructs in her own automatic vehicle but can also instruct in your own registered, roadworthy and fully insured auto vehicle. If using your own vehicle, students must complete at least one driving lesson with a Learn Drive Survive Driving Instructor and have 20-30 hours or more of supervised driving.

5 Star Rating


I just got my full driver license and I would love to thank my beautiful instructor Roz Blair because she made my day. Despite the fact that I have an overseas full license and I’ve been driving in Australia for more than 4 years, I was very nervous before my test and I was so scared of failure as it was my second trial. Roz played a major role in calming me down and teaching me to how relax before going to the actual test. She’s an amazing person and great instructor. I passed my test softly with no issues, she Was so happy that I passed and I am so glad I took my driving lesson with her!!

Layth Al-Allawee

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