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Why not combine any of your lessons with the FREE Federal Government funded Keys2Drive lesson. Simply call us on 1300 898 969 and we will arrange your free lesson booking.

The free Keys2drive lesson provides eligible learner drivers with a free driving lesson. Learner licence holders (overseas licence holders  are not eligible for this lesson). Keys2drive, is Australia’s largest national learner driver safety program and is funded by the federal government.  Keys2drive is a driver safety program that is aimed at assisting learner drivers prepare for a realistic approach to improving and increasing their driver skills and experience before driving solo. 

This free driving lesson combines learner drivers with their supervising driver together and is aimed at changing the way learners drive.   With the assistance and guidance of an accredited keys2drive driving instructor, this program seeks to help develop learner drivers to actively comprehend what is actually occurring during the operation of a motor vehicle. The free driving lesson introduces the Keys2drive practical learning approach to learner drivers and their parent/supervisor, and offers examples of how it can be used when learning to drive a car.

Participants get lots of great advice and information about how to practise and what to aim for. Many new drivers believe they are better at driving than they actually are. Keys2drive aims to give them a much more accurate and realistic picture, helping to build a foundation for lifelong safe driving.


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