Skills & Qualifications

Nationally Accredited Driving Instructor
Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor
Patient & Supportive

Customer Service
Calm and Professional


Chad is a proud father of two children who enjoys surfing, mixed martial arts, staying fit and active in the gym and playing golf. Chad is proactive in teaching learner drivers (in a safe and friendly environment) during such an exciting chapter of their life to become a responsible road user. Chad has enjoyed a 20-year career as a qualified Boilermaker. Acquiring his HR license enabled Chad to operate a wide range of vehicles and gain valuable knowledge and awareness in being in control and understanding of the environment around you.

Chad is experienced in training apprentices which has made him proficient when communicating and teaching in a way that is best suited to each individual to achieve their full potential. With two children of his own, 12-year-old son and 10 year old daughter, Chad knows how important it is to be patient and how to create an environment where they can thrive. By far his greatest achievement where family comes first.

Chad instructs in his own Automatic Vehicle but can also instruct in Manual where the student has their own registered, roadworthy and fully insured vehicle. If using your own vehicle, students must complete at least one driving lesson with a Learn Drive Survive Driving Instructor and have 20-30 hours or more of supervised driving.

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